Ifor Williams Livestock Trailers

Here at JMT Trailer Sales we have on display a range of Ifor Williams Agricultural trailers that are know as the workhorses of Irish Farms. The Ifor Williams Livestock trailer is one of the most popular trailers seen on the Irish roads. It is recognised as an essential farming tool due to its reliable durability and has been trusted by Irish Farmers for well over fifty years.
The Ifor Williams range of livestock trailers are used to transport a wide range of livestock from cattle, sheep and pigs to small animals and dogs. From the smallest P6e to the largest 14’ tri axle, Ifor Williams Trailers have something to meet the demands of most livestock farmers.
From sheep and pigs to heifers and prize bulls, JMT Trailer Sales has the trailer for the job. The renowned Ifor Williams designed EasyLoad sheep deck system allows owners to load animals with ease. Our full range of Ifor Williams Livestock trailers for sale are available to view at our showrooms in Sligo Town.


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