New Ifor Williams Trailers

Welcome to JMT Trailer Sales, the official distributor of the Ifor Williams range of Trailers in Sligo. On display at our forecourt is a wide range of trailers for sale for agricultural, commercial and domestic use with a maximum weight of 3500kg. The Ifor Williams brand of trailer is renowned for its durability and long lasting build. The Ifor Williams trailer has long been the first choice of equine professionals and Irish farmers.
JMT Trailer Sales stocks the Ifor Williams range of commercial trailers, popular with builders, landscapers, construction and hire companies which include plant trailers, tipper trailers, flatbed trailers and tiltbed trailers. The small domestic trailer range from Ifor Williams, which included a number of car trailers, can be towed by a family car and can be used for trips to the dump, DIY or other small to medium jobs.
Customers looking for a trailer for transporting vehicles, can check out our car transporter trailer range. The Ifor Williams car transporter range is a popular choice with vehicle recovery companies, car dealerships along with motorsport enthusiasts and classic car collectors.


Customers that need a covered and enclosed trailer for transporting loads under cover and protected from the elements, the Ifor Williams Box Van trailer range is the perfect choice. The Box Van range from Ifor Williams is popular with market traders to antique dealers, scout groups to mobile disco firms and bands and offers a range of sizes of available for sale. Ifor Williams Box Van trailers are also popular with motocross enthusiasts when used to transport motorbikes and accessories.